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19 September, 2022
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Recently, Lumidee officially became Yealink partner within the Benelux. Yealink specializes in video conferencing, voice communication and workplace collaboration.

They offer professional solutions suited for both office environments and call centers, but certainly also for the retail sector, to optimize collaboration and productivity.

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Retail Solutions

DECT Solutions for Retail, Hospitality and Warehouses

The use of headsets and other communication tools in the workplace is a growing phenomenon. No wonder! It allows you to communicate with each other quicker and more efficiently, because you eliminate the physical bridging of distances. This not only saves time and therefore manpower, but it also enables you to serve your customers faster and thus increase your customer service and customer satisfaction.

With Yealink’s developed product lines, we are able to offer appropriate solutions for small, medium, to large and even multiple branches/locations.


  • Check stock in the warehouse without leaving the floor
  • Enlist help from a colleague in another department or floor
  • Call the manager in case of calamities or emergencies
  • Take incoming calls at the touch of a button
  • Set-up outgoing calls quickly with a DECT handset
  • As a manager, you can direct the employees on the work floor from the office

Communication solutions suitable for any type of location

Yealink's various Multi-Cell Systems offer industry-leading roaming solutions for all scenarios. From smaller clothing stores and catering establishments, to supermarkets and distribution centers with multiple locations.

In combination with suitable solutions for the workplace and office, you can easily equip your entire team with the right tools to work together more efficiently.


  • Real-time full-duplex communication between managers and employees in the workplace
  • DECT handsets and 4-in-1 headsets for hands-free call taking
  • Push-to-Talk / Intercom function for mutual communication
  • Internally shared lines
  • Coverage for small to large and multiple locations
  • Highly scalable solution up to 250 users per system
  • Easy installation

For smaller locations with small-scale coverage

Do you work in a single location with small-scale coverage, such as a restaurant, clothing- or shoe store? Then the W70B offers sufficient coverage to bridge the distance between colleagues. Equipped with convertible DECT headsets for employees on the floor and one or more handsets, you can communicate with each other as well as set up incoming and outgoing calls.

Recommended products:
Yealink W70 oplossing retail


  • - 1 base station
  • - Max. 10 users
  • - Max. 20 conversations at the same time

For medium to large & multiple locations

Do you work with more than 10 employees in a larger location, an establishment with multiple floors or even multiple branches? Then the Multi-Cell W80 or W90 will suit your needs best. Depending on your location(s) and the number of employees, we will determine which coverage ratio you will need. Both solutions can be equipped with different types of headsets and handsets, so that we can always meet the communication needs of the various employee roles within your organization.

Recommended products:

Yealink W80+90 oplossing retail


  • - WH80: up to 30 base stations and 100 users
  • - WH90: up to 60 base stations and 250 users

Personal advice?

We are happy to provide you with tailored advice for the most appropriate, functional installation for your location(s).

Please feel free to contact us without obligation for an introduction and inventory.

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Enterprise Solutions

Yealink headsets for business environments

DECT Headsets

Yealink’s multifunctional DECT WH6x-series offer different types of connectivity and are therefore very suitable for business environments, such as (home)offices, call centers or contact centers.

Bluetooth™ headsets

The fashionable and powerful Bluetooth™ wireless headset series BH72 and BH76, are ideal for use in co-working spaces, home- or private offices or on the road, ánd are also suitable to use with a mobile/smartphone.

More information?

Would you like more information about Yealink's portfolio and which products suit your work environment best?

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.