Work smarter, not harder.

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18 January, 2018
1 October, 2018

Customer service has seen more change in the last five years than it has in the last 35 years combined. Given higher customer expectations, multiple points of engagement, and the growth of social media, your company’s brand reputation is now under more public scrutiny than ever.

Because of the points mentioned above, it’s your most valuable employees who answer the calls that come in every day. These are the people you can trust to speak directly with your customers because they have the skills to influence how your customers perceive your brand. It’s superfluent to say that quality customer support always starts with clear communication. But in today’s world companies have to work a litter harder to raise the bar and to outperform their competitors. The equipment used for this crucial form of communication plays a large part in staying ahead of the competition.

Companies nowadays recognize that providing excellent customer service is key to converting customers into net promoters and loyal brand ambassadors. That’s why their products extend beyond a product exterior and even goes as far as to analyse conversations in real time and to provide feedback based on the user’s behaviour.

This allows companies to keep track on everything that happens during the call related to mute, volume, waiting time and so one. Does a customer have to repeat the same cycle for a 3rd time? During which part of the conversation does your employee usually mute the phone to look up additional information? At which point did the customer raise its voice or became quiet? How long has the customer been put on hold, and how did that affect the outcome of the conversation? High quality tele-communication hardware helps your employees focus on the variables that play a part in customer-experience without having to worry about the clarity of sound or the amount of available options.
Thanks to these insights a company can easily keep track on their employees performance, to train and support them on specific areas and even to change certain workflows and processes to achieve the ultimate goal; To work more efficiently and therefore to save time.