Wireless headphones, the dream of every multitasker.

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19 December, 2017
Work smarter, not harder.
21 February, 2018

In recent years, the number of people working in multiple places has increased enormously. The so-called ‘Work From Anywhere’ phenomenon has exploded, and the demand for wireless headphones grows accordingly.

No matter how many people switch to new technology, there’ll always be a group of sceptic folks who are reluctant to the idea of adopting new technology and who would never want to exchange the technology of a wireless earpiece for their old trusty wired headset.

Let’s take a closer look at the most frequently heard arguments that prevent them from making the switch to a wireless headset.

The installation is far too difficult! 
Unlike wired headsets, where installing is as simple as plugging a cable into a jack, installing a wireless headset used to be a lot harder. You had to use a smartphone with bluetooth and a tricky pairing process to let your headset connect to a device. Nowadays all of this is fortunately much easier thanks to technology like NFC where you can connect via bluetooth at the touch of a button.

Wireless headsets are easier to lose.  
Another frequently heard argument is that you lose wireless earpieces in no time. The advantage of a wireless headset is that you aren’t connected to a wire which makes you more mobile. Because there isn’t a wire attached to your earpiece, you’ll never have to fear the risk of your cable getting stuck behind something which results in yanking the earpieces out of your ear.
Of course, many headset producers are aware of folks that are afraid of losing their precious earpieces. That’s why they often provide handy little containers for you to neatly store your earpiece in so it’ll remains dust-free and also never gets lost. Some manufacturers even go as far as to put GPS in the ears. That way you can find them at any time, a feature that even wired headsets do not have.




How long does the battery actually last? 
Due to the small size, wireless headsets automatically only fit smaller batteries. As a result, they can often be used for 8 to 12 hours before they have to be recharged. Some suppliers equip their containers with a charging station. In addition, thanks to fast charging, headsets can be charged for 50% within half an hour.

How good is the sound? 
To send a wireless signal from the source to the headset, the sound must be compressed. This could mean that the quality is slightly less good than you are used to. Although the difference in quality can’t be heard by most people, some people will complain about this. The compression quality is something that increases considerably each year. The quality of the sound of a wireless headset from last year, for example, will have improved considerably a year later.