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16 May, 2022
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23 May, 2022


Professional, scalable, efficient and affordable

Improve the customer experience with appropriate communication solutions for your team on site or remotely. Our products are user-friendly and scalable to your needs. Thanks to the open communication system, you are assured of safe and simple communication without any disruptions. 

  • Prevent snags
  • Reduce background noise
  • Increase customer satisfaction and job satisfaction

United Headsets

United Headsets offers various wired headsets designed for the professional and flexible (home) workplace. All headsets have HD sound quality and noise canceling microphone. The United Headsets Max series is also continuously evolving to meet the demands of fast-growing contact and call centers, offices and home workplaces. For example, a first wireless Bluetooth headset was recently added to our range.

View our full range for the best hands-free experience, even in extremely noisy work environments. Would you like to use our versatile VoIP 3CX telephone system? That is also a possibility.

Telecom Solutions for the following industries:

Interesting features for Telecom:

  • Headsets for desk phones, PC/laptop, mobile & smartphone
  • Superior noise reduction, crystal-clear voice transmission and wearable comfort
  • Corded headsets with connection to Poly/Plantronics Quick Disconnect
  • Corded headsets with Jabra Quick Disconnect connection
  • Wireless headset with USB dongle for hybrid working

Supported by modern VoIP telephone system

With 3CX, you have a fully functional IP telephone system that offers you many advantages when it comes to serving your customers, both on and off the floor.

With one unified system, your team can work efficiently anywhere at no extra cost. There is no need to purchase add-ons for mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging and Facebook integration - everything is included in the monthly cost. Your team only needs one system to connect with colleagues and respond to customers through their favourite communication channel. 

3CX grows with your business and remains cost-effective! 

This open-platform IP PBX is fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks. Choose hosted telephony or install 3CX locally. Whichever option you choose, we will make sure it fits your needs. Spend less time managing your PBX and more on your business.

More information and/or test our products for FREE in your own environment?

Our employees are happy to assist you and, if desired, provide you with a FREE test set-up so that you can test our communication solutions in your own environment to experience the benefits.

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