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9 March, 2022
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16 May, 2022


Secure, efficient, scalable and affordable

We offer a fully wireless solution for your team's communication on and off the floor. This enables you to work together more efficiently, increase your turnover and improve your customer service.

  • Save time and money
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee safety

Wireless communication in the workplace

Communication takes place in a closed DECT system; safe and without any disruptions. Our United Headsets have HD sound quality and Noise Cancelling microphone. The UH Retail Communication System is completely wireless and offers an almost unlimited coverage thanks to linkable base stations. Moreover, integration with your existing telephone system is easy and remote management and updates can be carried out.

Our UH Retail communication system can be equipped with CallPoints to remotely control and manage access and broadcast messages. Would you like to use our versatile VoIP 3CX system? That is also one of the possibilities.

Communication solutions for the following locations:

Interesting features for Retail:

  • Telephony and Push-To-Talk communication in one system
  • Completely wireless, no more hassle with cables
  • Virtually unlimited coverage thanks to linkable base stations
  • HD audio and Noise Cancelling for super clear sound
  • Three different wearing styles
  • The battery lasts for several days
  • Closed system; secure
  • Scalable and therefore future-proof
  • More cost-effective than walkie-talkies

Equip with CallPoints for even more efficiency

CallPoints are mini SIP audio & video intercoms to control, manage and broadcast messages remotely. 

Is a supplier standing at the entrance to your warehouse? Then he can quickly and easily let you know he has arrived and a nearby employee can grant access.

Is a customer waiting at the cash register where no employee is present at that moment? Then the customer can press the CallPoint and a message 'Attention checkout please' will be sent over the United Headsets DECT headsets or DECT handset, while at the same time it can be heard by the customer, so he knows someone is on his way. 

The same applies, for example, to a pick-up point for online orders.

Supported by modern VoIP telephone system

With 3CX, you have a fully functional IP telephone system that offers you many advantages when it comes to serving your customers, both on and off the floor.

With one unified system, your team can work efficiently anywhere at no extra cost. There is no need to purchase add-ons for mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging and Facebook integration - everything is included in the monthly cost. Your team only needs one system to connect with colleagues and respond to customers through their favourite communication channel. 

3CX grows with your business and remains cost-effective! 

This open-platform IP PBX is fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks. Choose hosted telephony or install 3CX locally. Whichever option you choose, we will make sure it fits your needs. Spend less time managing your PBX and more on your business.

More information and/or test the system for FREE in your own environment?

Our employees are happy to assist you and, if desired, provide you with a FREE test set-up so that you can test the UH Retail Communication System in your own retail environment to experience the benefits.

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