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19 April, 2023

Trade in your old headsets NOW

and receive an attractive discount on your new Poly devices!

The use of a headset has become an indispensable part of our daily work life. Nevertheless, there are still many people who work with outdated headsets that do not fully meet the quality requirements their work brings.

Together with Poly, we are here to help you upgrade your existing headsets to high quality headsets or speakerphones that meet the needs of your workforce, at an advantageous rate.

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Upgrade your existing headsets with NEW Poly devices and receive an incremental discount

When trading in your existing headsets, no matter what kind or brand, you receive an incremental discount on several of Poly’s wired and wireless headsets or speakerphones. Discounts go up to €50,00 per device and are therefore definitely worth your while to check out.

Some of the devices we offer a discount on when trading in your old ones!

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Besides the attractive discount; why would you want to choose professional headsets?

For business use, you want to choose professional headsets, because they offer much more functionality. Professional headsets are tested, equipped with hearing protection, Noise Canceling and are compatible with platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Handy features for business use, also provide a better user experience and call quality thanks to techniques such as (Active) Noise Canceling.

The choice of a suitable professional headset depends on your employees’ user profiles. When an employee is at a fixed workplace in a relatively quiet environment, this requires a different type of headset than when an employee has a flexible workplace in an open-plan office and also works at home regularly.

Interested in making the right upgrade at a reasonable price?

Reach out to our colleagues for more information and personal advice on the best Poly headset for your workforce. Now available at a significant discount when you trade in your existing headsets.

Reach out to us now!

E: verkoop@lumidee.nl
T: 073-6240375

*This trade-in offer is available for a number of specific Poly devices at a minimum trade in quantity of 50 up to 2,000 eligible Poly or competitive headsets devices. For more specific conditions, please contact our colleagues.

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Also interesting! Poly’s video solutions 

Poly does not only offer great audio solutions, they are also specialized in video conferencing solutions. Are you looking for flexible solutions for small meeting rooms or hybrid working? Look no further! 

Poly Studio P15

  • 4K camera, powerful speaker, and beam-forming mic-array
  • 90 degree field of view optimized for personal use
  • NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies
  • Automatic camera framing keep you centered

Poly Studio R30

  • Powerful 4K camera with a 120-degree field of view
  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology
  • Powerful speaker and beam-forming mic array
  • NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence Technologies


Want to equip your larger meeting rooms?

Poly also has a number of outstanding solutions to do so. Please get in touch to learn more. 

E: verkoop@lumidee.nl
T: 073-6240375