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16 May, 2022
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New Managing Director for Lumidee
19 September, 2022



Together with Poly we empower businesses to evolve beyond the limitations of physical space, so that teams can work as one, wherever in the world they may be. No one can afford to miss a good idea—and that means the technology that brings us together must be inclusive:

  • People focused video.
  • Distraction-free audio.
  • Intuitive, frictionless, effortless.
  • Supported by exceptional software, service, and analytics.

Meeting equality is essential to make hybrid working successful

Everyone knows that the workplace changed dramatically when the world suddenly had to figure out how to work together without physically being together. What those around you might not realize is that the rules of ambition changed too.

Some get-ahead tactics vanished — no more casual drop-ins to decision-makers, no more in-person observations of body language. However, since our pivot to remote work, some things have gotten better: 77 percent of those who work remotely at least a few times a month are more productive.[1] Still, how can you ensure that career goals and ambitions don’t get stalled by an artificial cap, determined by the limits of remote and hybrid work?

There’s a world in which the meetings you attend via video conferencing are focused on ideas instead of tech glitches — the choppy video, muffled words and background noise that prevent ideas from being seen and heard in the way they deserve.

The principle that gets you there is called meeting equality — the ability of all meeting participants to be heard with greater clarity and seen with equal power, regardless of physical location. This concept — and the technology that helps you get there — can transform your meetings to the point where nobody remembers who attended in-person and who didn’t. 

The shift to remote and hybrid work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is projected to last well beyond public health need: Nearly half of current remote workers say they’ll look for another job if their workplace mandates a return to the office,[2] and only 10 percent of executives say they expect their workforce to spend 80 percent or more of their time in the office going forward.[3]

We make sure your business can be everywhere 

With AI-powered solutions, distraction-free audio, and exceptional service, we erase distance and amplify the exchange of ideas. With the solutions from Poly no one can remember whether you were on the screen or in the room.

Please explore the range of AI-powered solutions from Poly that complement a hybrid workplace and support your team to work as one, wherever in the world they may be. 


The modern office is full of workspaces. They come in all shapes and sizes to help today’s workforce be productive both as individuals and as teams. Of course, this often means collaborating online with remote colleagues or customers. Having the right voice, video and content solutions that help everyone see, hear and participate equally is essential to getting work done. Our smart solutions automatically remove distractions and bring focus to whomever is speaking so everyone can engage equally wherever in the world they may be. At Poly, we have solutions for every workspace and style, and we’re not satisfied until no one can remember whether you were on the screen or in the room.


Whether you’re an executive leader, a team manager with a busy home life, a call center agent, or anyone in between, we all need to see and hear each other clearly to be effective. Poly empowers teams to work as one, wherever in the world they may be, with intelligent technology that removes distractions and brings focus to whomever is speaking so everyone can engage equally. And we’re not satisfied until no one can remember whether you were on the screen or in the room.


We are happy to provide a tailor-made demonstration at your location

The Poly Experience program demonstrates how Poly's tightly integrated solutions and unique open-standard methodology are transforming the way people work together. In partnership with Poly, we can now offer you a customized demonstration at your location, demonstrating solutions and use-case scenarios to suit your specific business needs.

So, would you like to experience for yourself which different solutions from Poly are suitable for your organization? Or do you want more information? Please feel free to contact our colleague Jeroen. He will be happy to assist you.


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