New Managing Director for Lumidee

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23 May, 2022
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13 October, 2022

New Managing Director for Lumidee headquarters

For almost 30 years Lumidee has been known as the number one independent headset- and telecom specialist active throughout Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio and services considerably. In order to optimize the service and to be able to achieve further growth, founder Martijn Pijnenburg has appointed Rob Viguurs as Managing Director of the head office.

Martijn Pijnenburg hands over part of the baton

Martijn Pijnenburg: “Since our foundation in 1993, I have been involved with innovations in the market, as well as with the operational and commercial management. This has resulted in Lumidee's success today, but our organisation is getting too big to keep working this way. Moreover, what I love the most is looking for innovative projects, co-developing and looking for ways to implement them. For example, in cooperation we have enrolled the EPOS brand within the Benelux, we have enrolled Motorola's retail communication solutions so successfully that we have become a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner and we now have a software platform that provides complete asset management and automates the entire purchasing procedure. In addition, I will focus more on our current foreign activities in Portugal and Spain and on expansion to other countries. Those are developments I want and need to be working on to take Lumidee to the next level.”

Rob Viguurs started as Managing Director at Lumidee in August

As per August of this year, Rob Viguurs - formerly Managing Director at Scrambled - has been appointed Managing Director of Lumidee headquarters. Known as an empathetic, communicative, customer-focused leader who builds strong, passionate teams, Rob intends to make Lumidee even stronger and achieve growth.

Rob Viguurs: “Lumidee is a fantastic company with enormous potential. The company has extensive in-house specialistic knowledge, has built up a committed network and has managed to achieve a strong position in the market over the years. Martijn is already working on many new innovative applications which will allow us to expand and optimize our services even further. It is my job to set up, structure and manage the business operations in such a way that we are also able to implement these developments and enroll them successfully.”

The collaboration between Martijn and Rob did not just happen overnight. Months of meetings have preceded this process. Both gentlemen are now convinced that they have the same degree of entrepreneurship, while the knowledge and skills they individually bring, greatly reinforce and complement each other.

Martijn: “I am looking forward to fully focussing on my greatest strengths. Of course, that also means that I will continue to keep in touch with our customers and like to keep debating with them about new innovations. With Rob's arrival, I now simply have more time and space to do so.”

The company will continue to grow

The fact that Rob intends to take steps and has a hands-on mentality, has already been proven after these first few weeks in his new role at Lumidee. The Lumidee team has attracted several new employees and is expanding further. Currently, there are vacancies for energetic, goal-oriented account managers who want to work for the company. Lumidee is also looking for new employees for the office staff to strengthen the team.