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21 July, 2021
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16 May, 2022



Work is no longer about commuting to the office and sitting in the same cubicle every day. Employees are returning to the office, working at home, or maybe doing both. They’ve come to expect the flexibility to work at different locations, video conferencing with colleagues and clients instead of simple conference calls, and remote participants in every meeting.

It’s a trend with no sign of stopping. The next homes will be built with dedicated workspaces. The next remote work policies will be far more expansive. Teams will become more virtual. Co-workers will live further apart while still working closely. Pretty cool.

The pressure now falls on IT to keep this hybrid workforce connected, productive, and equally equipped to work, look and sound their best. Pro-grade hardware, audio- and video solutions are key to supporting equally great work- and meeting experiences across all your workspaces. But with so many devices to choose from, where do you begin?

Fact check

Frost & Sullivan analysis suggests the number of remote workers will be


greater post-pandemic, creating a persistent demand for online meeting

Frost & Sullivan

Make Hybrid working a reality 

Whether your employees are in the office, on the go, at home, or doing a combination of all three, together, we’ll help you create a hybrid work environment for them to succeed. Together with Poly we made a selection of tools for any workspace that put you in control. 

“Giving your employees best-in-class solutions and support to work anywhere at any time isn’t just good for them - it’s good for your business.”

At the desk (home or office)

Employees need to communicate and work professionally from anywhere. Make it simple to connect and collaborate with the highest standards. 

On the Go

Your employees are leveraging hybrid work more than ever. To juggle home and work tasks flawlessly, they need mobile solutions with unmatched noise cancellation and the highest audio quality possible.

Conference room

If you’ve reopened or plan to reopen offices, you need to ensure conference rooms are equipped with technology that makes it easy for in-office teams to connect with their remote peers. Oh, and if you also want it secure and seamless, check out these video conferencing solutions. 

Huddle Space

For impromptu brainstorms, weekly check-ins with remote workers, and more, make the most of important conversations, even in the smallest spaces.

Call Center

Your call center is that crucial touch point for engaging and serving your customers. And if you rely on digital selling channels, it’s even more important. Good thing Poly technology provides crystal-clear communication. Now you can create high-quality interactions, even when your service reps work from home.


We are happy to provide you with non-binding advice about the most suitable solutions for your employees and workplaces. 

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