The power of communication

Whether it's a team meeting, or you want to quickly convey a message to someone in the warehouse, you're on the phone with a potential customer, or need to inform team mates about the status while on patrol. Communication is essential to reach your goals and impossible to ignore in whichever organisation.

What we excel in

Our experienced team of customer-focused experts who are very knowledgeable about the technique of our products, are aware of the value of telecommunication for business like no one else. They will thus do anything in their power to not just make your company look as good as possible, but also to support it in an excellent way.

Our pro-active and flexible work methods, as well as our various levels of service ensure that customers are happy to connect with us. Even in the wee hours, as we understand like no one else that problems do occur outside office hours.

We are Lumidee.

Let’s stay connected.

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Our charities


Graydon Certificate

It is nice to know that you are doing business with a reliable party. In 2011, Lumidee was certified by Graydon and branded as a "Financially Healthy Company". Lumidee has an A to AA status, which implies good financial health. In addition to the fact that since 1993, Lumidee has been a stable and reliable partner for its customers and suppliers, of course we are very proud of this valuation and certification by Graydon.