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Lumidee and Veesion join forces to reduce theft in retail
1 February, 2023

Lumidee partners up with Veesion to reduce theft in retail

Veesion is an organization specialized in Artificial Intelligence software, founded in 2018 with the goal of fighting shoplifting in retail stores. Since Lumidee offers a wide range of communication- and software solutions for many retailers in Europe, Veesion is an important addition to Lumidee’s portfolio, to help their customers face the challenges around loss prevention in their stores.

Thanks to Veesion, thousands of retailers around the world are reducing shrinkage by over 60%

Detect thefts, Automatically, In real time

Veesion developed an innovative, though easy to implement, solution to reduce the amount of shoplifting in (large) retail stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. It is the first gesture recognition software used in the fight/battle against theft.

This artificial intelligence software, to detect and prevent theft in real time, can easily be combined with the existing video protection system in place, and is therefore an easy add-on that can bring major results.

Veesion, the software that continuously analyzes your video feeds

Receive real time alerts when theft or suspicious behaviors are detected

  • 1. Analysis of video footage by AI
  • 2. Automatically detects suspicious gestures
  • 3. Receive a video notification in real time

The advantages of intelligent video surveillance

Video surveillance for retail, pharmacies & supermarkets with intelligent anti-theft system

Discover Veesion software, which detects thefts automatically and in real time.

* Veesion’s solution is based on an algorithmic processing of gestures. The algorithm does not perform facial recognition or customer tracking and does not record the identity of customers. Under these conditions, Veesion does not allow the recognition of physical or physiological characteristics or the detection of emotions or intentions.

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