Lumidee and Veesion join forces to reduce theft in retail

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26 October, 2022
Lumidee now Veesion partner
1 February, 2023

Lumidee and Veesion join forces to reduce theft in stores

One of the consequences of the current inflation for store owners is an increase in the number of shoplifting. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to find good staff, which also leads to less control in stores.
For Lumidee’s retail customers, this development creates an even greater challenge to battle shrinkage and loss of turnover. After an extensive market scan, Lumidee has therefore added Veesion's anti-theft software to its portfolio to address this problem for its customers.

Ulbe Keegstra - Director Veesion Distributor Clever in Solutions
& Rob Viguurs - Managing Director Lumidee

AI software that helps to battle shoplifting

Veesion developed artificial intelligence software that successfully helps to  reduce the amount of shoplifting in (large) retail stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. The software processes gestures to detect and alert theft in real time, and sends a direct notification to employees phones or computers so they are able to respond directly and have immediate visual proof. Although the underlying algorithms are very advanced, the product works remarkably simple, because the software can easily be implemented within the existing video protection system in place.

Rob Viguurs - Managing Director Lumidee: “Since we offer a wide range of communication- and software solutions for many retailers in Europe, Veesion is an important add-on to Lumidees portfolio to help our customers face the challenges around theft and shrinkage in their stores.”

Lumidee and Veesion join forces 

Amongst others, Lumidee is an established name specialized in communication- and software solutions for the retail market. Since they assist and advise many retailers in Europe, Lumidee is a strong partner for Veesion to expand their reach. At the same time Lumidee is now able to bring a proven innovation they believe in to meet their customers’ demands  in loss prevention. 

Ulbe Keegstra - Director Veesion Distributor Clever in Solution: “We are delighted to welcome retail specialist Lumidee as a reseller for Veesion. Their experience and domain expertise in the retail landscape were important factors for us to embark on this adventure with them.”

The implementation of Veesion’s solution already started

Both Lumidee and Veesion are enthusiastic about their new partnership and are dedicated to help as many retailers as possible in their battle against theft.