21 July, 2021

Noise is all around us

18 May, 2021

NEW! Voyager Focus 2

23 March, 2021
Poly - Are you set up for the new normal?

Are you set up for the new normal?

21 February, 2018

Work smarter, not harder.

Customer service has seen more change in the last five years than it has in the last 35 years combined. Given higher customer expectations, multiple points […]
18 January, 2018

Wireless headphones, the dream of every multitasker.

In recent years, the number of people working in multiple places has increased enormously. The so-called ‘Work From Anywhere’ phenomenon has exploded, and the demand for wireless headphones grows […]
19 December, 2017

Active Noise Cancellation Headsets

Are you senior enough to remember the good old days of having your own office? Then it’s time to wake up. Knock, knock! The future is […]