Active Noise Cancellation Headsets

Wireless headphones, the dream of every multitasker.
18 January, 2018

Are you senior enough to remember the good old days of having your own office? Then it’s time to wake up. Knock, knock! The future is here!
The days of having your own desk with luscious amounts of space to work in are long gone. Where in 1985 the average office employee would have 37m² to work in, nowadays that space has been reduced to 14m².

There are numerous negative effects of working in an open or flexible workspace such as decreased employee efficiency, poor health and well-being.
69% percent of employees are unsatisfied with the noise level at their workplace, 63% says loud colleagues are their biggest work distraction, and a whopping 89% reports that they are more productive when working along.

Although it’s true that since 1985 our workspace did decrease, we’re fortunate enough to live in a world where technology improves at an even faster rate. And luckily for us technology has come a long way since 1985. It’s goal is not only to let us survive in harsher work environments but also to help us thrive.
Headphones with (active) noise cancellation are here to save the day! They allow you to work alongside your colleagues in a fast paced and dynamic environment without having to worry about pesky distractions and lack of concentration.



These Active Noise Cancellation headsets, or ANC, filter out the noise of your surroundings and creates an environment in which you can focus on your tasks at hand. Intelligent microphone systems filters the noise around you, allowing for crystal clear communication with teammates all around the world.
So next time you find yourself surrounded in a sea of noise ask yourself; Am I just surviving, or am I thriving?
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